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Over the past five years (from 2010 through 2015), all companies of the Eurasian Group in Kazakhstan spent a total of 118.2 billion tenge on measures to provide employees with social security and social support, as well as on sponsorship and charity work. Expenditure on sponsorship and charity work alone amounted to 68.8 billion tenge.




One of our achievements in the development of our operating regions consists in memoranda of cooperation signed with Akimats of the Aktobe, Karaganda, Kostanay and Pavlodar Regions, which are the Company’s regions of operational presence. In 2015, the Eurasian Group signed memoranda worth a total of 3.7 billion tenge.

Since the start of its operations in Kazakhstan, the company annually takes part in implementation of the most significant social and economic projects in the four regions of the country where its enterprises are located.

Provision of amenities in the towns of Aktobe and Khromtau, allotting a building for a kindergarten, assistance to a professional college, support for local vocational schools, assistance to religious institutions.
Repairs of roads, construction of children’s playgrounds, landscaping yards, purchasing road machinery, major repairs of schools and community centres, support for religious institutions and artists in the region, rendering assistance to socially disadvantaged groups.
Projects implemented in this region included construction of a sports and recreation centre, as well as a kindergarten in the village of Kachar, repairs of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, erection of a church and a mosque in Rudny.
A residential building in Pavlodar, a music school for children in Ekibastuz, the Imanzhusup Kutpanuly Sports Palace in Aksu, as well as children’s playgrounds were constructed; in addition, the Company provided support for local vocational schools and assistance to veterans.