«ERG Service» LLP

ERG Service LLP is a centralized service company of the Eurasian Group, providing a wide range of services for metallurgical, mining and energy companies. The main activity is repair of power, mining, transport and technological equipment, manufacturing of engineering products, foundry and rolling production.

General Director

Sergey Perepechin

ERG Service LLP includes Pavlodar Engineering Plant, Repair and Mechanical Metal Rolling Plant (in Kostanay region), Rudniy Repair Department, Pavlodar Repair Department.


Evgeny Ivchenko

Pavlodar Machinery Plant specializes in production of metal structures and lifting equipment for various technological purposes, provides a large model range of up-to-date crane machinery.
The main activities of the enterprise are production of travelling and gantry cranes, grabs, metal structures, as well as non-standard process equipment for mining and metallurgy, oil and gas, as well as construction industry.


Abdykalykov Almat

Repair and Mechanical Metal Rolling Plant produces rods, grinding balls, small-section long products, and foundry products for mining and metallurgical production. It manufactures technological metal structures, machined products, spare parts and assemblies for technological equipment.

Besides, the company renders repair services for power and mining equipment, technological equipment of factory complex, repair of railway and automobile transport, technological dump trucks and road-building machinery.

ERG Service LLP The largest diversified service company in Kazakhstan

140000 Pavlodar, Lomov 180/28

Reception Office
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Document Administration Office
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Sales Department
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E-mail ergservice@erg.kz