Ferrochrome Ferrosilicomanganese Ferrosilicon Chrome ore concentrate Manganese ore concentrate Transport Services Auxiliary Products

TNC Kazchrome JSC

2nd in the world high carbon chromium producer
1st in the world in terms of quality of chromium ore
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Iron ore concentrate and pellets Electricity Auxiliary Products


8.4 million commercial iron ore concentrate per year
5.3 million commodity iron ore pellets per year
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Alumina Aluminum Electricity Auxiliary Products

Aluminium of Kazakhstan JSC

1.4 million tonnes Al2O3 per annum
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Kazakhstan Aluminium Smelter JSC

250 thousand tonnes of high-grade aluminium per annum
90% of products are exported to external markets, enhancing the export potential of Kazakhstan.
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Coal Electricity

Eurasian Energy Corporation JSC

18 million tonnes per annum coal
16 billion KWh electricity per annum
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Shubarkol Komir JSC

11,4 million tonnes of coal per annum
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«ERG Service» LLP

2015 Year of foundation
2 211 Headcount
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Transport Services

Transportation Group TransCom LLP

55 million tonnes cargo per year
6 500 railcar repairs per year
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“Business & Technology Services” LLP (BTS)

2009 established in
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ERG Research and Engineering Center LLP

Dozens of specialists with unique qualifications
4 regional laboratories fully integrated into production
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«3-Energoortalyk» JSC

produces over 700 million kWh of electricity per year
600 employees
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Manganese ore concentrate

JSC Manganese of Zhairem

2018 Founded in
257 employees
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“ENRC Credit” Credit Partnership LLP

2004 Founded in
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“ERG Microfinance” Microfinance Company LLP

2008 established in
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Medical Center "Eurasia" LLP

includes 7 regional branches
2003 founded in
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