Eduard Surlevich

Member of the Board of Directors, ERG S.à r.l.

Eduard Surlevich has a successful track record at ERG, with his core competencies in the natural resources sector, including in sales, marketing and logistics, which are vital for the Group’s international business. Mr Surlevich has excellent knowledge of the ERG product portfolio.
Eduard Surlevich has been Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Group since early 2023. In this role, Eduard Surlevich assumed key responsibilities for the development of sales and marketing, building new partnerships with trading companies, as well as the development of the Group's business in Africa.

Prior to joining ERG, Mr. Surlevich worked for a leading global commodity trading company in Switzerland, giving him extensive experience in supply chain management, logistics and trade. As a member of the Board of Directors of ERG, Eduard Surlevich will contribute to the further growth of the Group's business.

Mr Surlevich is a graduate of the School of International Business and Business Administration of MGIMO University (Moscow State Institute of International Relations).